Hey there!

I am an individual contractor and offer services for software development and consulting.
If you wish to hire me for a different purpose, consider writing me a mail instead.
I have experience architecting and developing complex tech solutions at scale for small to medium sized businesses for the past four years. For development, my proficiency includes React, Angular, Node.js, Typescript, and many other commonly used frameworks. My rate is 100 USD per hour.
If you're someone who's just not sure where to get started with all the coding mess, you can still get in touch to understand and discuss your situation better. If necessary, I can provide abstract insights and pointers, and educate you about healthy industry standards and common pitfalls. You will not be charged unless you want consultation to specifically architect your business solution.
Use this form to fill out your requirements or other details, and I'll get back to you with a quote (or answer) at no charge. You can also just email me at mail@arvind.io

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