I am an individual contractor and offer services for software development and consulting.
If you wish to hire me for a different purpose, consider writing me a mail instead.
I am currently unavailable!
This means I am at present either involved with another client, or I am preoccupied / taking time off for personal reasons. I will still however respond to queries and offer technical advice on the side. If you are in need of my services, we should get in touch so I can take you on as my next client as soon as I am available. Use the form below or email me.
I have experience developing and deploying diverse tech solutions at scale for small, medium and large businesses over the past decade. My proficiency includes software engineering in the following domains:
: Websites that are fast, fluid, performant and responsive. Single Page Applications (SPA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Gatsby or React, built for good SEO.
: Reach your audience better with mobile apps written in React Native. Distribute for Android via the Google Play Store, and for iOS via the Apple App Store.
: APIs and services that are built to scale. Your business logic written in Typescript, Node.js, Java or Golang.
: Deploy your product with high availability on AWS or GCP. No more surprise cloud bills or production downtime. Automate your entire infrastructure and deployment process with Ansible and Terraform.
Scroll down to check out some of my past domestic clients, or reach out for an in-depth portfolio of past work in the domain you are interested in.
If you're someone who's just not sure where to get started with all the coding mess, you can still get in touch to understand and discuss your situation better. I can provide abstract insights and pointers, and educate you about healthy industry standards and common pitfalls. You will not be charged unless you want consultation to specifically architect your business solution.
Looks like you've disabled Javascript on your browser, so you won't be able to use the handy contact form I'd written for you to get in touch with me. No matter, you can still email me your requirements or other details at mail@arvind.io, and I'll get back to you with a quote (or answer) at no charge.
Some of my past local clients from my own city. I enjoy serving the Bangalore ambition.
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